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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The story was revealed [Part II ]

Hate against love
....will succeed in learning with her the true meaning of love....She told herself there's no such thing as love. Love is blind, love is a wasted feeling that never lasts. Love means pain, suffer, tears, disappointment, heartache, love is nothing. She said these words with so much hate...a heartless creature she became, but the mistress of The Full Moon left her the beauty of her eyes...she didn't knew that. The Mistress made this decision for a reason. The beast which will truly love her will fall deeply in love with her eyes and he will be able to see her beautiful soul, through them.

This so called beast was a beautiful human too. Honest, and fully alive, optimistic and clever. Once he loved a woman..he shared with her a lot of everything. It is said that every human make mistakes but when between two people love appears, forgiveness is a strong weapon. Every human is able to learn from his mistakes. He made a selfish mistake, but in time he admit it and he felt sorry. Somehow she forgave him but them trust in each other was lost...She betrayed him. She left him for another man.
This pain made him lose his sense of thinking, he suffered in silence. The sorrow she caused him made him become the Silent beast...But he became a beast only on the inside...

He became confident to his solitude. In time he somehow got used with the idea that love is just a waste of time. The Mistress of the Full Moon took his pure soul and hid it in that beautiful eyed creature. When the faith will bring them face to face, the beast will fall in love with her because he’ll somehow feel a part of him in her. And the creature will become nervous and irritated in his presence...she will be able to see her true humanity once again through this beast. It is said that she will be his cold mirror, and he’ll be her cold mirror too, because of their hate for that so called “Love”.

Only a kiss will break the Mistress’s curse. A kiss...but not an ordinary one ...

Friday, 17 December 2010

The story was revealed ..[Part I ]

The story I am about to reveal is not that true as you may think. It is a story inspired from a quote that made me create this so called fairy tale...

It is said that, once there lived a female creature prisoned in her own castle. She was full of hate and lifeless and because of this, she lost her humanity. The only human thing that was able to remain alive at this creature was the beauty of her eyes. Green eyes..her lovely green eyes which seduced every human being, but no one reached her heart...When she was human, she was a charming girl, full of hope, love and dreams. She had a very rare optimistic way of being. She had a special gift...the kindness in her heart helped her to go on every time she felt downcast. She never felt lucky...although she had a rare beauty in her soul she never was able to love. Men which appeared in her way, were deeply hypnotized by her eyes...but they weren't honest with her. Those men were never able to give her a long last relationship, and her heart was betrayed everytime she thought that she finally fell in love..but it never happened....since the last crush she asked herself if her beauty is a sort of curse...she didn't knew why she's so unlucky...

One day..she met a man. A smart and handsome man, with strong principles and beautiful wishes for his bright future. For her it was the first time when love appeared to be at first sight. Like the others before him, he was hypnotized by her eyes and in a strange way he enjoyed very much her company. Time passed and they were still together. She felt warm and loved in his arms and somehow she began to love him. But her heart somehow told her that something will happen. She was uncertain about that feeling so she tried to ignore this bad feeling...Sooner than she thought he met her in a place she loved very much. He was cold with her..She didn't knew what had happened. He told her that he isn't ready for a longer relationship and he also told her that the only thing he wanted was to make her his and than to disappear. She was shocked. She began to cry in front of him. He had no regrets and he left her there....Days passed and she still was in a bad mood...One day, walking in that park she loved so much, she saw him with another girl in the same spot they used to be together...that betrayal left her in pieces... A cruel hate began to live in her soul. She swore in a silent night with a cold full moon to make each man who appear in her life to suffer...

She never was able to keep her promise and because she broke it, the cold moon cursed her...She became a lonely creature, with full hate in her soul and cold blood in her veins...The moon told her in a dream that the curse will no longer last, when a beast like she once was, will appear and will succeed in learning with her the true meaning of love.

Monday, 13 December 2010

The Pact

I'll make a pact with you, my heart.
And swear to keep this clear,
I will not gain this  worthless part,
'Cause love will be my fear.
No matter how long this will take
I know I'm smart and wicked...
I'm not that blind, for goodness sake!
My mind is not full naked.
The demon crossed beyond the sun,
My thoughts, my vibes, my soul...
And gave away a heartbeat run,
That I should not allow!
I swear in front of you, my heart
To hate the love I felt,
I'd rather be a lonely shark,
Than crying in my cell...
As the stars reveal the moon,
I, somehow burned my vows.
My mind will be recovered soon,
With those enchanted laws.
I swear in front of you, my heart
To love only one man.
I really feel that he's not far
Like me, he is downcast.
A selfish, foolish paradox
Lies between my words, 
I'll lock my love in a small box...
'Cause this is not absurd.
If he's the one I wish that bad,
Then I will curse this pact...
And I'll forget that once I had....
To face this reckless act!