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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Did I ever tell you ?

The truth is beyond my thoughts, and now I feel alright
But did I ever tell you, I'm better to have known you ?
That shadow of a doubt had turned to sand one night!
And I will keep my memories. You know I truly loved you...

Each moment meant the most, I think you understand...
But did I ever give you the strength you've given me?
Sometimes life seems to get in the way, and that is pretty sad
Harsh days were lost in time but now I really see...

No matter what I'll try you'll be inside my heart
But did I ever tell you  I'm proud of who you are?
I just forget to say what I mean, this is the senseless part.
It feels like you're not here but still you're not that far...

I want to sit down and write for you a heartfelt poem
I want to shout it out in a silent crowd
Our eyes forgot their colour, but their love had grown.
For once in my life I want to scream out loud ...

I know there is no chance, I'm used with the idea
But I will always love you no matter who I'll be
And still there is a question that strikes my big dilemma.
Something that ripped my mind, something I cannot see

It's hard to fight these feelings when It feels so hard to breathe
I just don't want to see another face, another kiss to blow
But did I ever tell you I still want to believe?
I'll wait no matter what ...and you already know

Maybe you'll take the second chance, just open up your heart
Or maybe I am wrong with all my reckless hope
There's something in the wind which told me from the start
To never give up my belief, to hold tight to the "rope"...

Everything is shadowed now, but my love for you is strong
I know your answer's not the same, but life is really crazy
I miss your eyes and smile, I think it's been too long
I'm scared of what I'm saying and everything is hazy.......

But did I ever tell you I love you... this way?