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Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Beyond the autumn sun, behind the evening breeze
My love revealed my soul, and now it's you I see,
The ghost of my enchanted voice,endured this lonely world
My vibes were blocked into a mirror, with tears which were untold.
Now I understand my thoughts, my feelings and my heart
I was afraid of losing...uncertain from the start...

I told you once "I love you",I'll say it once again
You know I'm way too different and nothing is in vain...
I can express myself this way, this is a woman's nature.
And you prefer to demonstrate that you're a marvelous creature.
Even if you cannot say, these words in front of me
Your feelings belong to me, and this is all I see...

Beyond the autumn sun,behind the midnight's voice
Love enslaved my soul,I think I had no choice,
My power, my pleasure, my pain are locked inside your heart
Which draws my way of being in a lovely piece of art...
Embrace me every time I'm lost,'cause this is all I need,
Tell me everything will work out fine, and then..I will succeed!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Tomnatica balada ...

Tomnatica balada cu simt de mandragora
Rasuna cald in suflet, duioasa aurora...
Si-mi spune bland povestea pe valuri de soptiri,
Iar noaptea in mister, dezvaluie-amintiri.

Tomnatica balada cu zambete de crin
Sa spun doua cuvinte blocate intr-un scrin...
Sa te privesc te imbratisez
Sa ma-ncalzesti cand frigul, ma face sa visez.

Tomnatica balada cu inimi tremurande,
Cu ploi atat de reci, dar totusi parca blande
Sa-ti spun doua cuvinte, pe care tu le stii,
Doua cuvinte care,nu sunt deloc pustii...
Cuvinte care-acum, sunt intr-un loc blocate
Si gandurile noastre,frumos amestecate,
Vor fi candva uitate sau chiar incrucisate
In sufletele noastre,sau doar imbratisate...

Tomnatica balada si tanara-ti privire,
M-ademenesc subtil, in gandul tau..iubite!