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Friday, 21 January 2011


I may not be rich
I may not be famous
Pure love I wish to reach
And not to make you jealous...

I’m a simple girl, pure  and sincere,
I dream of fairytales, I hate the real world.
Just look into my eyes, I want you to believe,
Your lovely smile and soul, is what I’m looking for.

I hate money and power, and false image, I think.
I cannot give you nothing. Your love is all I earn,
I’m simple like a dove, in dreams I want to sink.
I truly am in love, my wish is all that burns.

You have all you ever wanted. You stopped in front of me.
You chose me from a thousand, but why? I cannot know...
I cannot love another, is you I want to see,
Kissing my lips and eyes, when my feelings grow...

Embrace me with your thoughts and love me as I am.
I wish to see the world, the sea, the lovely sun...
I may not be the one. But you’re feeling I am.
Let’s share our magic moments, in our world let’s run.

I may not be rich
But this is my confession.
Your heart I want to reach,
Your arms and your protection ...

Monday, 3 January 2011

The story was revealed [Part III]

....Only a kiss will break the Mistress’s curse. A kiss...but not an ordinary one ...

One day, the beast wanted to get himself lost in the dark forest.. a cold rain began...he was running and running...growling all over the forest...he was mad, he hated so much that rain...he kept running...near by the forest he saw an old castle. Gothic style, with gargoyles on the roof. It is said that gargoyles used to be friends with human beings so in ancient times.These creatures protected the places where the lived. And somehow it is said that castles which have gargoyles on the roof, will be protected by evil spirits....

He wanted to get inside. He was no longer able to resist the weather. He asked himself why he's no longer able to be calm and why he hadn't got used with the idea that she will never get back to him....he loved her that much? unfortunately ..he did love her very much. He wanted to marry her....

" I need her...I need my cure. I can't face this pain" . He was growling again...
A strange voice he heard. A woman's voice...A woman who's singing...on this weather?? It can't back. He turned back and saw a illusion...he was sure he saw something...

"Come closer beautiful beast...closer...take a breath...take it slowly ...."
"Who are you ?What do you want from a beast like me?"
"I am The Mistress of the Moon. I am the one who stole your heart and hid it in the castle you allready saw. I am the one who made you look like this...miserable, lifeless and pesymistic"
"Why?? just tell me WHYYYYYYY???you stole her from me??"
"NO! and calm down! LISTEN to what I have to tell you or you can chose to die in this forest!! I never made her to stop loving you...It was destiny...there is another woman made for you...Your heart was full of hate and I had to give you a lesson. Your curse will be broken when you'll meet this woman and you will learn to love her..."
"I can't...I just can't give my love to another woman..I...I my love..."( he was very sad)
" Yes you can! because your heart is hid in her eyes and she doesn't know that. She is a creature too. The only human thing left in her is the beauty of her eyes. She is full of hate too. Your task is to find her in that castle, to talk to her, to live with her and finally to learn with her the meaning of true love..."
"But how can I do that?Maybe she doesn't want to learn the meaning of love. Maybe she will lose her temper when she will see me in front of her...."
"Don't lose your hope! Be patient and don't give up. She's very beautiful and before she became a creature, she was pure, kind, funny, optimistic and most of all she was mercifull. You will find out her story ...but for now it is enough...Go in that castle, face this creature and give her the lesson I've instructed you to give"
"How can I trust you?"
"If you really want to be saved, if you really want to fight for your heart and happyness listen to me!!"
"All right"
"Be brave young man and never give up!"
 She disappeared...He wasn't  that sure but he had to try. A strange desire began to fly in his mind...He wanted to meet this lovely creature with green eyes...