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Monday, 4 June 2012

Remember this!

I guess I finally found my words
I can express my thoughts.
It's been too long and no one knows
I am no longer lost.

Once I met a simple man, a childish way of being
A strong mind,big dreams and different way of seeing
He somehow changed my principles and made me feel more confident
And when we were together, everything was different...
The love we shared was something indescribable
I never wanted him to believe that I venerated him
My big mistake which troubled me was something recognizable
I loved him more than words can say, for him this sounds a bit grim.

"Dear one, if this break up was meant to be, I want you to remember me
I never venerated you, I simply loved you truly
Both of us made some mistakes, some of them unruly...
Maybe we just can't be friends because of what we shared
Because of our foolish self-pride we separated roads
And this stressful time got us weak and scared.
If you will ever read this, remember what I said
No matter who you'll be, you'll have that special place
If this was meant to be, for my mistakes I paid
I have no doubt, no matter what won't forget my face!"