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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Tales of some thoughs

I learned a lot of things, dear reader
And still I kept my sorrow...
I wished for a better life, my dear
Still waiting for tomorrow...
My youth is blind and full of uncertainty
My mind is flying over seas and mountains...
But I forgot my innocence and now I'm feeling tirsty,
And life is like a scene with actors, without a crowd and curtains.
Mistakes I made, a lot of them
..and yet I lost some battles
I paid, I learned and here I am...
Still carying my candles.
A woman's heart is strong enough
To walk through life and death
And yet her soul is wildly rough
Until she gives her last breath.
I wish to be wise enough,to pass over dusty thoughts
I wish to have a better luck, I wish to see things clearer
I keep my faith tight enough and keep holding on the knots
'Cause getting back my strenght is like regaining my heart's mirror....