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Monday, 25 March 2013


Oh childhood, dear childhood
I lost you in the neighbourhood
Where are those days of lightning?
Where are those foolish fightings?
I see myself today,I lost myself in yesterday
I keep my sorrow away and still I miss my way...
Sometimes I want to go back in time,
To cherish my early bedtime...
Sometimes I miss my mother, who lived trough my childish smile
Who used to tell me stories about an emerald isle...

Oh childhood, dear childhood
I lost you in those darken woods..
Forced to become mature,and to forget my innocence
But still I have my soul imprinted with your essence.
You're like a broken bridge right now, impossible to cross
I need to find a way..or somehow I'll be lost...
I miss that burning sun, I miss those childish games
I regret my years... and one to blame..
This valuable treasure is kept safe in my heart
And that is why my childhood will be my priceless art!