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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My very first kiss

I barely remember, my very first kiss
It was rather awful... something I won't miss,
Once I liked a boy who thought I was a nerd
Unsociable girl who's singing like a bird...
One night, in our group he saw me telling jokes,
He stared at me and laughed, louder than his folks.
Suddenly I was, the funny little girl
With a childish smile hidden like a pearl.

He came to me and said, he wants to show me something
I was very suspicious and said I will lose nothing.
I realised I liked him, but only as a friend
But still I had to listen, he had something unshared.
He started to confess,he told me I was special
I laughed and told him friendly that for my age I'm banal.
"I am a wild soul,I don't know what love is
I'm still living my childhood and that's the way it is.
You're old enough to understand my principles and thoughts,
I never kissed a boy before and these are all my faults"

I knew I made him feel awful,but I truly had no choice
I never liked him as a boy. He liked me for my voice.
Then he forced me to kiss him, I tried to get away
I slapped him in return,for that he had to pay...
I left him behind,and went straight home after that
I felt ashamed and shocked, but most of all,felt mad...
My very first kiss, became a total mess
My childish innocence banished in a stress...

I barely remember my very first kiss
It was rather awful..something I won't miss.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Vibratia marii

Pe valuri mari tu m-ai purtat,cu-o mangaiere blanda
Si ochii-ti calzi de-un soare sur, cand mare'-a fost stapana
Mi-au imprimat in suflet, nisipul fin de scoica
Ce lasa-n urma pasii,pe-un ritm de briz'acordica.

Apusul fin al marii se pierde-n vantul serii
Iar pasii nostrii tineri,cad spre sfarsitul verii.
Uitandu-ma la tine,ceva m-a incercat...
Un sentiment agonic, destul de incurcat.