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Thursday, 26 December 2013



It feels like empty people walk away in sand
And yet my heart is drowning in cold blood.
I hate it when strange voices, keep telling me to raise a hand
To hope for something incomplete, already buried in mud.
I don't want to face this world alone, to break my every tear
I'm just a fragile soul, not even half of stone...
Stuck in time and years...

My darling, ouh my love, If only I could show you
That you're the blood pulsing my heart
If you would let me show you that I can give you something new
If only you knew, my love, that I can't live apart.

Not even the greatest fiddler can't sing my strongest love
There are no words invented for what I am and feel
No one will ever know what I am thinking of
Because my strongest will is like a heart of steel.

I'd rather die alone, than living without you
I'd rather forget myself and lose myself in darkness
I'd rather give away my soul, than not be loved by you
I'd rather go blind forever, than living in cold madness.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

New roads to walk

Never look back when a big change arrives
Always embrace a chance that suddenly strikes
When you wish upon a star for something big to happen
You have to wait a while, it comes all of a sudden.

Believe in what you are and fight for what you want
Cause live is full of darkness and yet is relevant
But still there is that shinny hope that lives inside your heart
You have in mind new roads to walk and new friendships to start.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Tales of some thoughs

I learned a lot of things, dear reader
And still I kept my sorrow...
I wished for a better life, my dear
Still waiting for tomorrow...
My youth is blind and full of uncertainty
My mind is flying over seas and mountains...
But I forgot my innocence and now I'm feeling tirsty,
And life is like a scene with actors, without a crowd and curtains.
Mistakes I made, a lot of them
..and yet I lost some battles
I paid, I learned and here I am...
Still carying my candles.
A woman's heart is strong enough
To walk through life and death
And yet her soul is wildly rough
Until she gives her last breath.
I wish to be wise enough,to pass over dusty thoughts
I wish to have a better luck, I wish to see things clearer
I keep my faith tight enough and keep holding on the knots
'Cause getting back my strenght is like regaining my heart's mirror....

Monday, 25 March 2013


Oh childhood, dear childhood
I lost you in the neighbourhood
Where are those days of lightning?
Where are those foolish fightings?
I see myself today,I lost myself in yesterday
I keep my sorrow away and still I miss my way...
Sometimes I want to go back in time,
To cherish my early bedtime...
Sometimes I miss my mother, who lived trough my childish smile
Who used to tell me stories about an emerald isle...

Oh childhood, dear childhood
I lost you in those darken woods..
Forced to become mature,and to forget my innocence
But still I have my soul imprinted with your essence.
You're like a broken bridge right now, impossible to cross
I need to find a way..or somehow I'll be lost...
I miss that burning sun, I miss those childish games
I regret my years... and one to blame..
This valuable treasure is kept safe in my heart
And that is why my childhood will be my priceless art!