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Monday, 19 December 2011

Winter grief

The window is not open,the sky is crying grey
I'm dreaming? Is it snowing?
..Must go outside and play...
My heart is deeply smiling,I don't know where I'm going,
Wish to reveal the child, that lies between the chains of life,
To throw away the solitude which blocks my will for freedom,
Snowflakes on my face,beneath my feet is ice,
To feel the winter's whiteness against my foolish wisdom.

I take a lonely snow walk, I try to freeze my thoughts
I see some playing children with some enchanted laughs
Beyond my icy memories, I miss that childish sunshine
I miss those snow balls fights, when all the world was mine...
When angels made of snow where our lovely guides,
When goofy snowmen where our lovers, in our spinning minds...
I miss my old and rusty sleigh which was my fancy car
And all of these are missed a lot, even my wishing star.