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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Different path

I've been covered by mistake for too long
I need to change some things, especially my song
I have to change my vision and my path
I must change my life's fancy hat
Uncertainty is hanging with spinning messy thoughts
I'll be a slave to failure if I will pay the costs.
I'll lose everything I've earned, judging the wrong I did
If I won't be bright enough to take the perfect bid
Everything I had should be left behind
My principles, beliefs, totally declined.

My past and everything in it, should burn down into ashes
My memories should fade away before my present crashes
Everything I was before should be covered in darkness
And hope should give me wigs to fly around my conscience.
I will embrace the new path which is not that far
Because I feel I'm strong enough to focus on my star
I'm capable of greater things, to prove myself worthy
I have a future in front of me for which I'm feeling ready.

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